Regional Energy Agency of Värmland

Here you find information about what we are working with within energy efficency, climate improvement and other forms of sustainable development.

Contact information

Regional Energy Agency of Värmland
Box 1022
fax: +46(0)54 701 10 01

Agency Manager
Dag Hallén
phone: +46(0)54 701 10 95

Our purpose

The year 2005 the Regional Energy Agency of Värmland was setup with the support of Intelligent Energy Europe.

The purpose of The Regional Energy Agency of Värmland is to increase the demand of more efficient use of energy among companies, municipalities and indirect the households. We are an active and competent regional actor in the energy field.

The main purpose is to reach an efficient use of energy resources and work for an increased use of renewable energy sources. More concrete it can mean to help companies in Värmland to find financial benefits in making their use of energy more effective. We also support the municipalities in their work with the local energy plan and arrange seminars about heating with pellets, energy services and other subjects.

Our target groups

The target groups for The Regional Energy Agency of Värmland is small and medium sized companies and the municipalities in Värmland. Towards the households The Regional Energy Agency works through the local authority energy advisors.


The Regional Energy Agency of Värmland is a part of the organisation Region Värmland, The County Council of Värmland. An other main finacier is The Swedish Energy Agency. Sweden has 13 Regional Energy Agencies.


Energy consultancy

The Regional Energy Agency cooperates and coordinates the local authority energy advisors.

BiodriV - the development of biofuels in Värmland

The three-year project, BiodriV- biofuels development in Värmland is an effort to create conditions for increased production and use of biofuels in the region.

BiodriV is an EU project with support from the European Regional Development Fund and will continue for 2011-2013. Region Värmland is the project owner.
The two main areas targeted by the project is biogas, produced from residual waste from society and agriculture, and biofuels produced from wood.

Energy League - reducing energy use in buildings

Project Energy League Värmland is for property owners who want to reduce the energy use in rental apartment buildings and industrial properties for example, and other professionals who want to learn more about energy efficiency in buildings.
It´s a part of the of the Interreg project FEM in Värmland. The project will run until spring 2013.
During the project, seminars and study visits are carried out. The target audience is everyone in the property industry who are interested in energy efficiency, for example, property owners,operating technicians and consultants.